Bespoke Valve Audio

300B SET TT (Triode/Triode).

Our 300B SET TT has some interesting features.

  • It utilizes the Russian 6C45 valve to drive the 300B tube.
  • Totally independent power supplies for the driver valve and the power valve.
  • A third party DC filament supply for the 300B valve.
  • DC heater supply for the 6C45 valve
  • Fixed bias for the 300B valve adjustable via a trim pot at the rear panel. ( So much for "Fixed Bias" ;-) )
  • 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm speaker out (16 Ohm can be substituted for 4 Ohm on request)

All the iron is by Hammond. (per mono-block) 1x output transformer, 2x power transformers, 1x choke for the 300B valve power supply and 2x choke for the 6C45 valve power supply. Alternative transformers can be supplied upon request and costs would have to be adjusted accordingly.

Standard tube compliment: 300B valve by Electro Harmonic (shown here with Gold Lion 300B valve), 6C45 valve by Sovtek.


Description: Class A single ended triode amplifier in mono block configuration.

Power output at onset of clipping: 10W per channel

Total Harmonic Distortion at 1khz/1W: 0.20%

Frequency response: 26Hz to 68kHz, -3dB (47Hz to 38kHz, -1dB)

Input impedance: 200K Ohm

Input sensitivity: 2.2Vrms to full output

Output impedance: 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm (see text at top)

Weight: 16 kg each

Height: 270mm

Width: 255mm

Depth: 325mm

Power Consumption: 90 Watt per channel

Voltage: 240V 50/60HZ (Other Voltages available on request)

Finish: Mirror finish stainless steel top, bottom and rear panel; Australian Jarrah wood enclosure (Finish might vary slightly from the one shown).

Warranty: 2 Years (90 days on Tubes or 1 year on our KR Audio 300B should you decide to upgrade)

Custom finish available on request.

Price: AUD 4,730.- inc. GST